What is this?

A full-credit course where you'll contribute to an open-source software project during an academic term.

You'll have the freedom to:

Additionally, the course will offer a cohesive social and intellectual framework that will provide students with:

Make a lasting impact on society while earning a course credit.


Why do this?

  1. Work on exciting, widely-used projects such as Firefox, Chromium, WebKit, Apache, CPython, WordPress, Khan Academy, LLVM, jQuery, Linux, and more that have real-world impact as part of a standard course in school.
  2. Earn a credit and have course time to work on coding projects of your choice!
  3. Land an internship or full-time offer based on your contributions.
  4. Learn software development practices, tools, and techniques, and have your code reviewed.
  5. Network with other students and develop contacts in industry and the open-source community.
  6. Have a substantial, public, open piece of code that you can show potential employers.
  7. New to OSS? Get started in a guided environment with experienced professor mentors and fellow contributors.
  8. Give back to the community that has made so much of what is modern-day programming possible.